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  • Family Evaluations.
  • In home head lice & nit removal.
  • In home head lice treatment.
  • School Lice Screenings.
  • School District Lice Screening Program.
  • School Follow-Up Re-checks.
  • Head Lice Clearance Certification.
  • Facilities Evaluation 
  • Back-to-school Educational


  • School Outbreak Clinics

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Non-toxic organic head lice treatments
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Discreet in-home head lice removal services. Wipe out the lasting power of infestations in one treatment. Same-day appointments. To schedule an in-home appointment with a specialist please contact us at:
Phone: (650) 228-9080 | E-mail:

SELF-HELP Support - Phone Consultations - NATIONWIDE

Self-help technical assistance. Demystifying the core essentials for do-it-yourself success regardless of product/treatment or removal method used. Wipe out infestations with support from our technical specialist. Call our self-help desk for support services at:

Phone: (650) 228-9080 | E-mail:

SCHOOL Head Lice Screening & Support Services

Back-to-school Lice Screening | School Clinics | Health-Week Initiatives

  • Advanced Head Lice Screenings - one dollar ($1.00) per student ($100 minimum). We highly recommend a minimum routine back-to-school screening of the whole school population with 7-day follow-up.
  • Head Lice Education Clinics - For those who share a common risk and stand to benefit from specialized education. Emphasizing prevention and successful removal to quickly preserve school community resources. Facilitating early detection to prevent larger school & family outbreaks. 
  • School Workshopdiscussing the progressively contagious stages of head lice, cross transfer contamination, early and accurate diagnosis, symptoms & signs of head lice infestations, successful prevention, lice treatment products, successful combing methods, nit combs, and express removal techniques.
  • Parent Education - We offer parent education clinics through our schools program initiative to assist schools interested & committed to addressing head lice issues at the school community level. Our dedicated technical on-call specialist is available for parents and caregivers 24/7 & nationwide at (650) 228-9080.

Screen to reduce the incidences and prevalence of head lice transmission.  



*More than 90% of the time, multiple family member infestations include mom too.


*Head lice outbreaks peak when students return to school in summer, fall, winter & spring.

Head Lice Education

"No Nit" versus "No Bug" policies in the news


We encourage and support whole school community participation and involvement in wiping out head lice through school community educational and back-to-school workshops facilitating self help to prevent head lice outbreaks for those committed and dedicated to prevention.


Using step-by-step instructions we demystify the process and demonstrate the essential head lice removal steps using the most effective natural head lice removal method. We prepare parents to perform an accurate diagnosis, to be able to identify the symptoms of head lice, and to perform manual head lice infestation removal using a fast reliable process. Housekeeping aspects of head lice conditions are also covered so that the head and the house are LICE FREE.


Minimize school and family outbreaks with specialized summer camp head lice prevention services. We emphasize education with a range of services delivering tomorrow's solutions today. Call (650) 228-9080 to inquire about services or to schedule your school head lice clinic.

We work hard to provide resources strengthening access to information, answers to questions and a balanced view on how to get rid of head lice the healthy way.

Family Services 24/7 | School Head Lice Support Services | (650) 228-9080

Same day family in-home head lice removal services specializing in the Shepherd Method™ of natural head lice removal gets rid of head lice infestations in one treatment. School head lice outbreak support and prevention services

Confidential daily and weekend appointments available in San Francisco, Napa, Sonoma, Marin, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda, & Contra Costa counties. Call: (650) 228-9080 | Email:

Head Lice Pictures
Lice Removal Bay Area
Head Lice do not hop or fly but they move fast

■  VISIBLE nits on hair strands are not evidence of an active lice infestation. Conversely, in the absence of visible nits it cannot be assumed there are no head lice bugs present. A thorough and highly specialized cumulative assessment analysis should be performed to establish confirmation of an active or dormant head lice infestation. 


■   SCHOOL "no-nit" policies are highly effective when  modified to include an active LICE FREE educational campaign adopted by the school on behalf of the school community as recommended by the CA Department of Health and Human Services.

■    DUE TO confusing, conflicting and contradicting information, some schools have ineffective, or no existing head lice policies. 



Parent handouts and guidelines from the state distributed by schools on head lice and treating head lice are produced by drug/pharmaceutical companies to promote the sales and application of  "lice killing" shampoos/pediculicides.


    PEDICULICIDES - Lice killing shampoos/products.

    PEDICULICIDES produce about 33% of total drug store sales revenue.

    SALES of pediculicides peak when children go back to school.


San Francisco Lice Services
Head louse on the scalp
■ LICE FREE school community educational campaigns curb chronic lice infestations, reduce close contact proximity transfer contamination and emphasize education for prevention.

■  HEAD LICE infestations are distressful and traumatic. They disrupt student focus, interfere with social emotional learning/teaching environments, and when not treated effectively or preventatively they lower average daily attendance and take a big bite out of school and family revenue and other resources.  

"No-nit" policies are wisely enforced when accompanied with the proper course of preventative initiatives that reduce the incidences and prevalence of head lice in school communities. Modified "no nit" policies are necessary to strike a balance that effectively address the progressively contagious stages of lice infestations.
■ Unwise decisions to implement "no-bug" head lice policies anger parents as reported in an article on

PLEASE NOTE: Bugs transfer from head to head and object to head whereas nits do not transfer.
■   FIGURES estimating the number of head lice cases annually are largely derived from the sale of head lice related products.


Bay Area Lice Removal
A louse can lay up to 200 nits in her lifetime.

■   RELIABLE cost/benefit analyses of "no-nit" versus "no-bug" policies include beneficial educational campaigns to empower school communities with the knowledge that will enable the elimination of waste and inefficiency at the school and family ends.


A comparison study of retail tax revenue generated by the sale of products for the treatment of head lice infestations, versus the cost to facilitate and implement effective school-community educational campaigns to include:

*self-help technical assistance

*school community workshops *specialist lice screenings for the prevention, control, and non-toxic treatment of head lice will reflect the latter as less money spent much more wisely.


■    MODIFIED "no-nit" policies conserve school revenue and family resources. Adopting a friendlier and practical "no-nit" policy makes sense for schools and families.


■    NEUROTOXIC agents such as lindane, malathion, pyrethrum and permethrin, the toxic nerve agents used in pesticides, are also the toxic chemicals used in "lice killing" shampoos. They are a leading cause of exposing children to harmful chemicals.


    NITS are the eggs of a louse that hatch from which tiny translucent nymphs emerge. These are parasites which roam about on the human scalp and feed on human blood to survive.